Sure, I have the time, and I read most comments like this, as well as emails, notes, google submissions etc.

On a day to day basis, I, and most editors, will wake up to 50 plus submissions, and unfortunately I don’t have the time to leave individual feedback. That’s just the way it is. That’s why pubs come up with guidelines (some more in-depth than others) to help you — the writer — get your work published.

I’ll say this — It’s not an editors job to walk you through it and tell you to keep your head up. That falls on you. My job is to curate quality content that resonates with our audiences. In the real world, I wouldn’t even expect editors to reply if they weren’t interested, so here on Medium, at least you’re getting some kind of yes or no. I make my best efforts to leave a note, and sometimes I’ll leave feedback as to where it can be improved, or, for what publication is more relevant. I’ve passed pieces onto other editors and got them published for the author.

If you think it should be done differently, you’re welcome to lead the way with your own pub.

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