I would love to do that some day. A total breakdown of a set of 100 ideas.

To be honest, that is just a picture from one of my sketchbooks of late to give you guys an idea of a starting point. I haven’t used this method in a while as our work is client driven at the moment. We have recently moved into designing and manufacturing our own pieces of furniture so it might come into play soon!

I can say though, from previous attempts, it’s hard work. During university the 100 ideas was a requirement for every project and was ‘marked’ by tutors. By the time you get past 50 it usually just goes wacky and wild, and completely of topic!

Others used to be so good at idea generation, they could take an idea from their 100 ideas book, and repeat the whole process.

It really is person dependant.

Great idea for an article sometime though!

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