I think we have to respect Mark Zuckerberg’s attempts to make Facebook a more meaningful experience to it’s users. I am ok with that.

But I cannot understand why its fair to put all ‘Pages’ together and brand them publishers — and then restrict everyone in the same way?

Why should a local artist or joiner, who is using Facebook to help their business, and offering products and services the local area want, be restricted by this and thrown onto some ‘Explore Feed’ with the rest of the publishers?

I think there needs to be some separation in who is deemed a publisher and how these publishers content is categorised (i.e. spam, clickbait, fake news or in fact, high value and relevant etc). I don’t think its fair that small businesses will see their organic reach effectively hit zero unless paid for.

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Words in Forge, Marker, Debugger, Business Insider, Thought Catalog | Wise Words Column — https://bit.ly/2Vel0WT

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