I got tired real fast of reading “I wrote this on a beach as I made $10 million” or whatever success story it was.

They are one in a million. And to be honest, they aren’t always that inspiring.

Reading the graft, the dedication, the commitment and the sheer passion you had, and still have, to go your own way, to build your own thing – that is inspiring.

I’ve been writing about my startup journey for about a year, and I have always taken this approach. No sugar coating. No hiding from the truth. I just tell people how it is. How hard it is. How much work it takes to get it even off the ground, let alone successful. I believe by sharing the lessons I learn, much like you have done here, others can read them, and use them to better themselves and their journey.

Keep inspiring Derek! Count me as a follower from here on out.

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Words in Forge, Marker, Debugger, Business Insider, Thought Catalog | Wise Words Column — https://bit.ly/2Vel0WT

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