And the next big push for the Facebook algorithm is to choke the reach of ‘Pages’, as they have been deemed the enemy, and the guilty party in pushing out ‘fake news’ and the influencing content that potentially affected US elections etc.

Fair enough… except most ‘Pages’ are genuine businesses like myself, who are putting out content that is of interest and value to the local area, and we and others like artists, makers, journalists etc, will now see our ‘Pages’ removed from the newsfeed and put onto some ‘explore feed’, in essence making our organic reach 0%, without paying for ads.

The next catch?

The frequency that ads appear on the newsfeed is to be decreased

So for businesses, Facebook now offers little to no reach, with paid ads that also have little to no reach, all because Zuckerberg thinks some companies and news pages have got a little spammy…


But think thats the nail in the coffin for the Facebook and small businesses relationship.

Great write up Nate Miller.

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