The links between social media and all sorts of mental issues is crazy, yet we increase our use more and more.

It really is a truly terrible reference point to use for where you ‘should be’ or what you ‘could be’.

In the process of building something I would go even further — you start right at the bottom. You have got a hell of a hill to climb, and that is exactly my problem with social media, where are all the images and posts that reference that side of the journey?

To be honest, I can’t understand what people don’t share more of it — there is no shame in the struggles faced in entrepreneurship. In fact, they are something to be proud of!

To me, the human side, the behind the scenes of the ‘empire building’ is the most insightful and interesting away… I don’t really give two shits about bland success posts.

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Words in Forge, Marker, Debugger, Business Insider, Thought Catalog | Wise Words Column — https://bit.ly/2Vel0WT

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