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I came across an individual who figured out how to start a successful business from zero multiple times.

No resources, no capital, no investors.

His name is Michael Sherman, a Long Island native. He launched his latest business LetterDash in July 2018. One year later, he says his business is on track to pull in over $100,000 in revenue in July 2019.

Previously, he started a handful of other businesses, including Qualified Impressions, which reached $2M per year before decline, Penalty Be Gone, $500,000 before decline, and Great Agencies, $100,000 per year.

I was intrigued to know what his process looks like: what, exactly, does he do to build these companies? …

It’s time to lower our lockdown productivity expectations

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Johnny Cash famously had a to-do-list that included the following points; kiss June (his wife), not kiss anyone else, not eat too much, and worry.

This list — one that seems easily achievable for most of us — is something we should all look to implement into our lives. As the pandemic continues to hold its grip around us, many of us are stuck in the fantasy of being super productive within our new homebound surroundings. …

Hey post-grads, pre-grads, and everyone in between.

We recently launched a new call for submissions‘Working in a Pandemic.’ We’d love to hear the stories of your experiences during these crazy times.

We’ve also been continuing to build our external site, which you can visit here, and filling that with even more must-read content.

This Weeks Post-Grad Picks

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First up is a piece by Jon Hawkins which is sure to resonate with so many of you, especially in the current employment climate, on how despite doing everything possible, he hasn’t been able to find a job.

“This wasn’t the dream I was promised when I was sold a £30,000+ degree course.”

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