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A simple technique from Cal Newport that can help you separate work and life

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Like many of us, I’ve spent the past several months struggling to separate work life and life-life. Back when I worked in a co-working space, I had a visual cue that the workday was done — usually, it was when others started packing up their bags and trickling out the door — but now the days feel like an endless stretch of time. It’s all too easy for me to check email while eating dinner or take that client call just before bed (curse you, time zones!).

We all know we need off hours. In his TED talk, the psychologist Guy Winch notes that the more we ruminate about work when we’re not working, the more likely we are to experience sleep disturbances, eat unhealthier foods, and have worse moods. What’s more, overworking actually leads to underworking: A study at Stanford University found that after 55 hours of work each week, we’re essentially useless. …

The mascot that superseded its creators

The Pets.com sock puppet mascot.
The Pets.com sock puppet mascot.
Photo: Bob Riha/Liaison/Getty Images

As the 90s was coming to a close, the dot.com boom was well underway. As the “internet economy” took off, more and more companies were choosing to operate entirely online. As a result, they were shifting from focusing on product offerings to building brand awareness through advertising.

The theory was simple; a strong brand name and recognition would mean more people were aware of you, and that would eventually lead to profits.

In 1999, the pet food market was worth $23 billion. Many new internet-only companies were entering the market, Pets.com being one of them, alongside several brick and mortar chains. …

Hey post-grads, pre-grads, and everyone in between.

We recently launched a new call for submissions‘Working in a Pandemic.’ We’d love to hear the stories of your experiences during these crazy times, so send them in!

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This Weeks Post-Grad Picks

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First up is a story by one of our faves, Zulie Rane, in which she deep-dives into the methods behind how she many over $6000 in her FIRST month of freelancing. And get this; she never sent a single traditional pitch.

“My traditional view of freelance writing was that it’s panicky, uncertain, and stressful. …

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