Newsflash: It’s rarely personal

You see the email notification flash up on your screen. The editor has left you a note or responded to your pitch. Excitement and anticipation begin to rise as you open up the response.

“Thanks for sending this our way, but we are going to pass on this one.”

The excitement quickly fades, replaced by a mix of disappointment and anger.

How dare the editor pass on my work?

When an editor rejects you, it’s easy to take it as a personal attack. You’ve likely poured your heart and soul into your work, leaving everything you’ve got to give on…

Try building a “better than nothing” habit

Like many people, I’ve tried to pass the time over the past year by forming some new habits: running, baking, writing every day, learning new card tricks to dazzle friends at future dinner parties (those will be a thing again, won’t they?). Each of these pursuits started strong… until I gave up shortly thereafter.

I had lofty visions of being good at these things immediately. And I just didn’t like being bad. But that was the problem: I was fixated on high achievement, when I should have been focused on repetition.

In a recent TED talk, the sociologist Christine Carter…

The fast food giant’s redesign proves you can jump on the latest design trends without losing the soul of your company

The “Home of the Whopper” just had its first major redesign in 20 years, and it somehow manages to both effortlessly play to customer nostalgia while embracing new digital-first design trends. On January 7, Burger King announced that it had made sweeping changes to its brand, from its logo and packaging to its menus, merchandise, and decor, right down to its social media, leaving not a single burger unflipped. It plans to launch this updated imagery worldwide over the next few years.

The company is seeking a more natural, old-fashioned look, with minimal noise and colors like red, brown, and…

This week’s Post-Grad must reads

Hey post-grads, pre-grads, and everyone in between.

First up, we wanted to shout out to our friends Michael, Nick and Nik, who have recently launched a new blog called SIMPLE. What happens when some of the best writers get together in one place? Well, it’s awesome of course. Go check it out.

In this weeks features, we share some great stories on debunking success ‘advice,’ saving strategies, early retirement, droppshipping and writing killer resumes.

We’re proud as punch to call our publication home to these stories.

Thanks for writing for us, and reading us.

This Weeks Must Reads

Jessica Wildfire believes it’s time to…

An elegant solution for an issue that’s hard to stomach

Global food waste is happening on an insane scale. In the United States alone, it’s estimated that food loss at the retail and consumer levels is around 31%. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), there were 103 million tons (81.4 billion pounds) of food waste generated in America in 2017. That equates to between 30%–40% of the food supply, and $161 billion in monetary cost — a figure that’s hard to stomach.

Pela, a company that makes “everyday products without everyday waste,” including the world’s first fully compostable phone case, have set their sights on the world…

This week’s Post-Grad picks

Hey post-grads, pre-grads, and everyone in between.

In this weeks features, we share some great stories on overcoming negative thinking, “spoiled millennials,” career advice that will change the way you work and more.

We’re proud as punch to call our publication home to these stories.

Thanks for writing and for us, and reading us.

This Weeks Post-Grad Picks

Melody Wilding, LMSW shares a four-step process to change unhelpful thinking patterns, that, as always, is full of insight and actionable advice, just as we like it.

Side note: We recommend you go buy Melody’s amazing book!

We got our copies, and we’re blown away by…

Success comes to those who stick around long enough to earn it

I’ve been self-employed for over 7 years now, and amongst the bucketload of lessons I’ve learned, there’s one that stands out more than the rest — everything worth having takes longer than you think it will.

I’m not just saying this; I’ve lived it. Every venture I’ve embarked on in my working life has taken years of work just to get off the ground, let alone to each the point I’d confidently call it a success.

After graduating — and a brief spell floundering around aimlessly for good measure — I co-founded a small business which provided design and manufacture…

This week’s Post-Grad picks

Hey post-grads, pre-grads, and everyone in between.

In this weeks features, we share some great stories on societal expectation, boosting your savings account, a 6-month strategy to becoming your own boss, and some home truths about self-employment.

We’re proud as punch to call our publication home to these stories.

Thanks for reading us.

This Weeks Post-Grad Picks

First up, Charlie Brown reflects on the choices and pursuits she made in life and asks, “did I do this because I felt I had to?”

Our opportunities, unlike my mother’s, are vast and unending. So why insist on walking the same path as previous generations? …

The brand’s new look moves with the times but falls flat

In 2015, Cola-Cola revamped its UK packaging under a new “one brand” strategy after discovering its customers were confused by the various offerings and struggled to make informed choices. The solution was a unified design that would be used across all Coca-Cola variations, with color being the primary indicator for each variation.

The rebrand was such a success that it has remained untouched, until now. On April 12th, Coca-Cola announced an evolution to the ‘one brand’ concept, and like most rebrands of late, it follows the minimalist trend, stripping everything back to the bare necessities. …

3 questions to help you make the correct choice

From 2015 to 2020, I dedicated every available minute to building a bespoke fabrication business. During the later part of those years, I was also slowly growing a career in writing and co-editing a large publication in my ‘down time.’

As the pandemic took hold early last year, a problem was developing. As much I convinced myself I could keep all the necessary plates spinning, the reality was more complicated. It was becoming more perilous by the day, with many of the plates beginning to lose momentum, their spin slowing to more of a wobble. Most of the time, I…

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